Meet 10 apps to watch football matches live


Everyone knows that the great passion of Brazilians is football. Whoever has a team at heart wants to know everything that is going on with him and, more importantly, to watch all his games. Game streaming is a reality that will allow you to stay connected directly to your team, no matter the place and time of the game.

We have listed below some of the best apps to watch games live, from TV stations and also from companies specialized in broadcasting events. Check it out.

1. SporTV Play

To access the content of SPorTV Play, simply subscribe to a subscription TV plan that includes Globosat Play. Download the Android and iOS apps.

2. Premiere

Premiere is a pay-per-view channel offered by Globo, which allows you to watch online games on TV, mobile or tablet. Membership costs R $ 79.90 per month. Applications are available for Android and iOS.


ESPN has an app for streaming games, whose subscription must be included in a cable TV package, or through Uol Esporte Clube (described below). Download apps for Android and iOS.

4. Esporte Interativo Plus

The biggest attraction of EI Plus is the European Champions League games. The monthly fee is R $ 19.90 and the applications are available for Android and iOS. Games can also be watched on demand.

5. Dazn

In 2020, Dazn almost halved the price of its monthly subscription in Brazil: from R $ 37.90 to R $ 19.90, with 30 days free. Download the Android and iOS apps.

6. Uol Esporte Clube

Uol Esporte Clube offers three types of content: EI Plus for R $ 19.90 / month, ESPN Unlimited for R $ 21.90 / month and a package with these two channels plus Fox Sports for R $ 49.90 monthly. There is no specific application for Uol Esporte. Access is restricted to apps on each channel.

7. TNT Go

TNT Go is an application that can be accessed by users who have a pay TV channel that includes TNT. The application offers the same content as EI Plus and Space, and their versions are available for Android and iOS.

8. Fox Sports

As of October 17, access to Fox Sports channels via the app will be available only to those who have logged in through the pay TV plan. Apps for watching live games are available for Android and iOS.

9. AiScore

AiScore is mostly used by bettors but it also broadcasts matches. It’s free and available for Android and iOS.

10. ge

Anyone who subscribes to a subscription TV plan that has Globosat Play is also entitled to access everyone’s “darling”: which is now called “” and is available for Android and iOS.


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