Medium: Affected by game on Xbox Series S


According to reports by the team working on The Medium, the game runs in truly amazing quality on the Xbox Series S, to the point of making the producer think he was playing on the Series X, Microsoft’s most powerful console.

Jacek Zieba, producer of the Bloober Team, did not spare praise for the Xbox Series S and said that “the architecture of the Xbox Series S, of this little white box, is simply amazing”.

“Yes, I even played the whole game in a Series S a week ago and I was incredulous because I thought I was playing in Series X,” said Zieba. “Someone said to me ‘man, this is the Series S’ What? Amazing, phenomenal. Of course, there will be no 4K because the Series S does not support resolution […] but the overall experience and fun of the game is same, “concluded the producer.

The developers of the Bloober Team released an updated list of requirements for the PC version of the game last week – and also released an incredible trailer focused on Marianne’s powers.

The Medium will be released for PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X on January 28 this year. Xbox Game Pass subscribers still have the good news that the game will be available in the PC and console catalog on launch day.

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