Mediterranean Below Deck: Kyle Viljoen’s Hometown, Job & More


“Under the Deck of the Mediterranean” returns on July 11 with a long-awaited seventh season, and as Captain Sandy Yon is about to lead an almost entirely new team, here’s what “Under Deck” fans should know about the new second stewed Kyle Viljohn. The cast, which will work on the superyacht Home while it sails around the coast of Malta, includes the return of the fan-loved sailor Mzi “Zi” Dempers and Captain Sandy. In addition to Sandy, Mzi and newcomer Kyle, among the new faces are Natasha Webb (Chef), Dave White (Chef), Natalia Scudder (third stew), Reagan Tyler (Boatswain), Storm Smith (sailor) and Jason Gaskell (Deck).

Franchise Below Deck is known not only for demonstrating what it’s like to work on a yacht, and the intense drama that can accompany it. The trailer for the seventh season of “Under the Deck of the Mediterranean” shows that the new season is no different from the previous one. In addition to the fact that Home crashes into a buoy and shifts horribly to the side, Kyle can be seen kissing an unidentified charter guest, admitting: “I’ve never had an affair with guests before.”

Link: Meet the British chef Under Deck Mediterranean Dave White.

While Kyle is about to make a connection on the superyacht, it looks like he will also come into conflict with Natalia, who is getting closer to the Mediterranean sailor Storm. Although Natalia’s position is listed as the third course, another video shows a colleague of Kyle giving a lecture: “You’re the second course. I’m the second course. You answer too.” Since Kyle looks set to become a major figure in season 7 of “Under the Mediterranean Deck,” here’s everything interested viewers need to know about him.

Kyle, the Fish, celebrated his thirtieth birthday on February 21. Although Kyle was unable to celebrate this important day with his family, Kyle excitedly shared a cute birthday message he received from his parents on Instagram. “Look at these two! My parents! Mom and Dad have been married for 31 years and are my constant example to strive for more, fight harder and love unconditionally!” Kyle laughed. “Congratulations on my 30th birthday, I’ve never been so grateful.”

Like Mediterranean Under Deck star Mzi, Kyle was born and raised in South Africa. On LinkedIn Kayla says that after graduating from high school in 2010, he received a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Pretoria in 2014. Kyle’s Instagram states that he moved to New York in 2021 after spending several years in Miami, Florida. Kyle’s love of travel was first reinforced by his career as a flight attendant, and although Kyle’s social media shows that he periodically returned to South Africa, the future Mediterranean star “Below Deck” is often on the go.

Fans of Under Deck Mediterranean can follow Kyle on Instagram at @kylethebold, where as of June 2022 he has a modest 1,700 followers. When Kyle is not busy with work, the future star of Under Deck Mediterranean likes to share photos from his worldly travels, including trips to Costa Rica, Italy, France and the Bahamas. Kyle, a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, has also shared several photos with his partner online; although the last photo of the couple was posted in March, Kyle’s partner is tagged in the upload in early June. Regardless of Kyle’s relationship status, fans should keep an eye on the South African native’s interesting past and adventurous nature when the 7th season of “Under the Mediterranean Deck” begins in July.