MediEvil’s Pumpkin Jack already has a release date


Nicolas Meyssonnier’s cute 3D platformer arrives in time for Halloween, although his PS4 version had to be delayed for a few weeks.

The one that for many is the heir to MediEvil, the game by French developer Nicolas Meyssonnier, Pumpkin Jack, already has a release date. This colorful (and terrifying) 3D platformer is coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store) on October 23, just in time for Halloween. In that list you have surely noticed the absence of PS4 and it is because, as confirmed by the official twitter of the game, the version for the Sony console has been delayed “for many reasons (but mainly because of COVID)”, thus which will arrive “a few weeks later”.

Pumpkin Jack is an old-school-style 3D platformer in which we’ll help Jack, the mythical “Lord of the Pumpkin”, on his quest to “help evil destroy good”. Developed with the Unreal Engine and inspired by the great classics of the PS2 genre, the game is set in the Kingdom of Boredom, a terrifying and creepy place that weighs a great curse. Helped by strange creatures, such as haughty owls and talkative and sarcastic crows, we will go through the most varied levels, all of them full of jumps, enemies and puzzles related to physics, gravity and reflection. “Burn books, hammer some moles on the head and create your own magical path”, reads his description on Steam, “each level has an action sequence that has its own gameplay.”


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