Medieval, the new installment of Field of Glory II


Lovers of deeper and more detailed strategy are in luck with the announcement of a new installment of the remarkable Slitherine title.

Slitherine has announced Medieval, a new installment of Field of Glory 2, a title that caused a sensation a few years ago among the most demanding strategy lovers. Based on the success and solid architecture of the tabletop wargame of the same name, developed by Dr. Richard Bodley Scott, the computerized title used complex rules, a taste for realism and tactical depth to create a faithful digital version that garnered high scores in specialized media (such as the 8.5 awarded in this same magazine).

Total war and for experts

If that delivery was based on the expansion of the Roman Republic by the Mediterranean, 280 BC. to 25 BC, Medieval focuses on the High Middle Ages from 1040 to 1270 AD, the golden age of chivalry, full of historical armed conflicts between different European countries: Germany, France, England, Hungary, Russia, Scotland, the old Prussian and Lithuanian pagans, even the Mongols, among other armies that we can lead to glory. It will have more than 100 realistically recreated and animated units, with multiple variations to reproduce the colors and variety of the military units of the era.

Medieval will be based on a system divided into four campaigns: The Angevin Empire. the Northern Crusades, the deeds of the Grand Prince of Kiev; Alexander Nevsky and the Mongolian European invasions of the Golden Horde led by Batu Khan. It will also have a sandbox campaign that will allow us to guide the destinies of our nation and its allies, among 29 nations and factions of the time.

The game will be released in 2021 for PC and already has a tab on Steam or in the Slitherine store itself.


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