MediaTek takes the lead, CPU competition heats up


Computers are not the only area where the processor market is heating up. The increasing interest in smartphones in recent years has also affected the mobile processor market. The American silicon manufacturer Qualcomm, who has been the market leader so far, has handed over the throne, according to the latest reports. Taiwanese processor manufacturer MediaTek took its mobile processor market share leadership from Qualcomm as it entered the new year.

With the spread of 5G technology, the processors produced in connection with it are expected to greatly affect the market share in the coming years.

MediaTek receives mobile processor market share leadership from Qualcomm

The leadership crown in the mobile processor market has changed hands, according to the report of the research firm Counterpoint. Counterpoint’s data show that more than 100 million MediaTek processor smartphones were sold in the third quarter of 2020. Although Qualcomm maintains its lead in the 5G market, MediaTek has taken the lead, especially thanks to the sale of low-priced smartphones.

Counterpoint’s report added some content to MediaTek’s earnings report. According to this report, Mediatek reported revenue of $ 97,275 million NT (the currency that measures the earnings of the companies and the dollar). According to this chart, MediaTek increased its earnings by 50 percent compared to the previous quarter. The biggest factor affecting the growth of the company in 2020 was smartphones in the $ 100-250 price band sold in China, Latin America and India. Thus, MediaTek took the lead with a processor market share of 31 percent, while Qualcomm fell to 29 percent.

One of the factors driving MediaTek’s growth was Kirin processors. The market gap between the USA and Huawei, which was tense, was well evaluated by MediaTek.

While MediaTek has the largest share in overseas countries, it has also come a long way in the US market. However, Qualcomm’s overwhelming dominance continues in the US market.


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