MediaTek T700 introduced! 5G era in computers


Developed with the cooperation of Intel and MediaTek, MediaTek T700 is introduced. The hardware to be used as a 5G modem will enable the use of 5G connections in computers with Intel processors. He had previously announced the cooperation between the two companies.

5G technology continues to spread around the world. The new system, which has started to be used in some countries, brings with it new technological products. Aiming to use this connection technology on the computer, Intel will ensure that users are constantly connected.

MediaTek T700 features

In the sharing for the new modem, the two companies worked together. The new hardware, which is aimed to be included in computers in the coming years, came after the news of Intel selling its own connection technology unit to Apple. There is 1 billion dollars information for this unit.

It was stated that after the introduction of the hardware, Intel also started working on the devices. Thanks to the 6 GHz NSA and SA network support included in MediaTek T700 features, it will be possible to use this equipment with high performance in countries with 5G connection.

It is stated that a fast and lag-free connection will be provided with the modem while on the move, playing games, video broadcasting, etc. It was stated that high performance would be provided in cases.

In the statement made on the subject, it was stated that more developments will occur in the coming months. Devices with the T700 5G modem are expected to meet users in the first months of 2021, although in-depth hardware features are not announced.

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