MediaTek surpasses Qualcomm and is the market leader


Despite the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) having hindered the technology market, the sector has undergone a rapid recovery in the second half. This can be seen in the numbers of the main manufacturers and even in the results of their suppliers.

This week, Counterpoint released a report that points out that more than 100 million smartphones were already sold in the third quarter of 2020. By slicing the numbers taking into account only the processor manufacturers, MediaTek surprises when it overcomes Qualcomm.

Currently, the Taiwanese has 31% market share, while Qualcomm appears in second place with 29%.

The figures show that MediaTek is managing to grow in the midst of the crisis, which placed the company in an unprecedented first place in the processor market. Samsung, HiSilicon and Apple are all tied with a 12% share.

According to Counterpoint analysts, what has made MediaTek grow is the increase in sales of mobile phones that cost between US $ 100 (~ R $ 520) and US $ 250 (~ R $ 1,300) in Latin America, Middle East and Asia. The company’s good numbers are also the result of a massive bet on the Dimensity line.

MediaTek managed to expand its partnership with Xiaomi and Realme. The two Chinese are growing rapidly in the global market and this ends up pulling the chip maker.
Now, a curious detail is that MediaTek still skates when it comes to 5G. Despite leading the market, the Taiwanese is far behind Qualcomm, which accounts for 40% of the chips sold for 5G phones. This could end up with Snapdragon’s parent company regaining market leadership in the fourth quarter.


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