MediaTek is asking US permission for Huawei phones!


Having struggled with the US embargo since May last year, Huawei took another big blow in May of this year, while continuing on its way with alternatives developed by itself without Google applications.

The US has required any foundry using its own technology to obtain permission from the US to manufacture components designed by Huawei. Following this move, TSMC had to stop manufacturing Huawei’s Kirin processors after mid-month.

MediaTek wants to supply processors for Huawei phones!

The blocking of processor production means a major crisis for Huawei. The Chinese technology giant, which acknowledges that it cannot use its own designed processors, has started to use Qualcomm and MediaTek processors in its phones. While it was stated that both companies had been negotiated for a long time, it turned out that MediaTek requested permission from the US to supply processors to Huawei. In this context, it has become possible to see especially mid and entry-level Huawei phones with MediaTek processors in the upcoming period.

The company said in a statement, “MediaTek reiterates its respect for orders and rules regarding global trade and has applied for a permit in accordance with the rules.” used the expressions.

Huawei tried to do business with SMIC, China’s largest foundry. However, the production technology of this company lags far behind compared to TSMC and is not sufficient especially for the processors in flagships.

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