MediaTek asks US for permission to sell chips to Huawei


MediaTek sent an important request to the United States government on Friday (28). The request that came to the Department of Commerce in Washington is intended to obtain special authorization to provide processors to Huawei after September 15.

As of this date, a ban by the Donald Trump administration on the use of components manufactured with American technology by the Asian giant comes into effect. The determination also hit TSMC, which produces Kirin processors for Huawei phones.

Even though it is a Taiwan-based company, MediaTek uses US technology in its products, and therefore needs government authorization to sell chips to the Chinese brand, following the new restrictions. “MediaTek reiterates its respect for following relevant global trade orders and rules and has already requested permission from the United States,” commented a company spokesman.

The manufacturer also said that it had contracted external legal advice to study the new regulations and ensure that Huawei remains its customer, without violating any type of rule. She also revealed that the new sanction is not expected to have a significant impact on her short-term operating conditions, based on a preliminary analysis.

Qualcomm also made the request

Other companies are interested in supplying chips to Huawei, which will need to look for new partners and suppliers starting in September. One of them is Qualcomm, which makes Snapdragon processors.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the American company has been lobbying the Trump administration since early August, in an attempt to obtain a special license to sell the component to the Chinese.

The brand argues that if rival foreign manufacturers obtain authorization, they could cause American companies to lose billions of dollars, affecting the local economy.

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