MediaTek Announces Dimensity 900 Processor With 5G!


MediaTek, which produces chipsets for smartphones, announced its new 5G processor earlier today. MediaTek Dimensity 900, developed for mid-upper segment devices, is here with its ambitious features.

MediaTek new chipset is based on the 6nm process process and comes as the latest addition to the Dimensity series. In addition, the company of this processor; He also states that it is compatible with artificial intelligence and supports high-level memory technologies.

Dimensity 900 is here with 5G support

If we talk about the technical features, Dimensity 900; It supports up to 120Hz refresh rate on FHD + panels. In addition, let’s mention that Wi-Fi 6 and 108 Megapixel cameras are supported.

According to JC Hsu, one of the directors of MediaTek, Dimensity 900; It offers improvements in connectivity, display and 4K HDR viewing to high-end 5G phones. This gives smartphone manufacturers great design flexibility for their 5G portfolio.

Wi-Fi 6 support on the Dimensity 900 is an excellent feature currently on many flagship phones. Here, MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 support in the mid-top segment chip also offers a super fast and secure connection. In addition, this processor includes a sub 6GHz modem with a bandwidth of up to 120Hz.

In addition to all these, MediaTek new processor is also very assertive on the RAM and storage side. Because the flagship phones LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage support comes to this mid-range processor. On the GPU side, Dimensity 900 features Arm Mali G68 MC4 GPU.

On the other hand, MediaTek also stated that the AI ​​processing unit of its new processor is extremely powerful and supports such applications.


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