MediaTek announces 5G modem developed with Intel


Intel is no longer producing 5G modems alone, but the company’s collaboration with MediaTek has begun to bear fruit. The two companies have announced MediaTek’s modem, the T700 5G, which will be used on next generation Intel processor laptops.

In the statement made on the subject, it was stated that Intel focused on the hosts such as system integration, verification and improvement of platform optimization. The processor giant also supported computer manufacturers in the installation of MediaTek’s new modem in the devices.

MediaTek T700 supports 5G technology under 6 GHz. The company highlighted that 5G calls, which do not require a 4G LTE network, are also tested. MediaTek’s new modem chip is also compatible with non-independent 5G networks below 6 GHz, working with support from the 4G network.

MediaTek stated that the processor is very efficient in terms of power consumption so that it will not discharge the laptop while surfing or chatting with 5G.

The fact that 5G is faster compared to LTE has also paved the way for 5G laptop modems to be available on more devices. Qualcomm has modems in the majority of 5G compatible laptops announced so far. However, this seems likely to change, thanks to close collaboration between Intel and MediaTek.

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