MediaTek Allows Manufacturers To ‘Customize’ Dimensity 1200 5G


MediaTek: Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek unveiled on Tuesday (29) a new tool that promises to revolutionize relations with the world’s leading smartphone companies. Called the “Open Resource Architecture,” the initiative will provide low-level access to its Dimensity 1200 5G processor hardware, allowing for fine-tuning the component.

The technology is open to different brands and market segments that use the 6-nanometer chip. The architecture allows the flexibility of resources for cameras, monitors, graphics, artificial intelligence processing units, in addition to all kinds of connectivity subsystems present inside the Dimensity 1200.

In practice, this means that a camera manufacturer, for example, can access low-level hardware, closest to machine language. Thus, the company is able to adjust the image processor (ISP) of the Dimensity 1200 to custom algorithms and features, managing to optimize the performance of your device within the smartphone.

A new personalization of devices

In a press release, MediaTek Wireless Communications Business Unit Deputy Manager, Dr. Yenchi Lee, stated that the company’s goal is to collaborate “with the world’s largest smartphone brands to ensure personalized consumer experiences that differentiate smartphones top of the line 5G cell phones”.

Bringing the conversation closer to the factory environment, Dimension 5G’s Open Resource Architecture should make life easier for OEMs, including brands like Samsung and Xiaomi. Manufacturers currently receive processors in their raw state and have to build their algorithms, optimizations and services on top of a technology stack predefined by companies such as MediaTek or Qualcomm.

Using the Open Resource Architecture, the Dimensity chip will enable adjustments in multimedia experiences, hybrid multiprocessing, AI processing, camera engines and connectivity. Devices equipped with the MediaTek processor and fitted with the new architecture are expected to start hitting the global market from next month.


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