Media warns: Don’t run to banks because of coronavirus

Global mainstream media outlets urged people not to flock to banks to withdraw their money due to the coronavirus outbreak.

CNN, one of the leading media outlets in the US and the world, stressed in a recent report that people do not have to worry about coronavirus and empty their accounts in banks. “Yes, these are terrible times, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to the bank, empty your accounts, and put your money under your pillow,” the article said. statements took place.

It was stated that bank deposits were insured by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Agency (FDIC), and European countries offered similar insurances. In addition, FDC’s “The safest place for your money is the bank. Banks will continue to provide their customers direct or electronic access to their money. ” The description was included.

On the other hand, the Charlotte Observer, a well-known newspaper, wrote on the same day as CNN, that experts warned that there was no reason to accumulate cash amid the coronavirus epidemic .

These broadcasts of the mainstream media, which appeared on the same day, show that people are worried about flocking to banks to withdraw their money.

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