Medal of Honor interview: Vr is the best platform for an FPS


We chatted with series director Peter Hirschmann about this new experience that will only be available in virtual reality

Within the framework of Gamescom, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment gave us the opportunity to chat remotely via video conference with Peter Hirschmann, the director of the new installment of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond that will arrive exclusively at the virtual reality platforms from Facebook, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift.

Why only make this comeback in VR?

PH: VR is the best platform for a first person shooter video game, it is the most immersive and the interaction you get is incredible. The opportunity to return Medal of Honor per se was exciting and fun. Being able to do it on this platform was something very special, because it allows us to bring the vision of the original game from 20 years ago, that of putting ourselves in the boots of a World War II soldier. The power of virtual reality allowed us to fulfill that vision in a way that we had never imagined two decades ago. It was truly a privilege to develop it on this platform, we have some amazing partners with Oculus who supported us to give it a AAA experience. I would dare to say that it is the most immersive and emotionally ambitious development that I have been part of in the 25 years I have been a developer.

Do you have plans to bring this port to PlayStation VR?

PH: We built it from the ground up for the Oculus Virtual Reality platforms so it is an exclusive experience.

Do you think that the new generations can be emotionally susceptible to this type of themes or stories because of the violence they contain?

PH: That is precisely why we made the game! We want to tell these stories, the lessons of the Second World War must never be forgotten, the events of the Second World War must always be told. The world we live in now must not forget those lessons. Everything we live in some way derives from this war, politics, culture and technology are a consequence, in fact, having this conversation remotely is a consequence of what was created in this conflagration. That is why it is important to know through these stories, because the world became what we see today. Using video game entertainment to teach people these stories is part of our mission.

The ultimate goal is for it to be fun, to kill Nazis who at that time represented evil and defeat the third Reich is a fun mechanic, it is more powerful than shooting zombies or aliens. This is the hook that in parallel helps to have fun and understand why certain things happened with the stories behind the game, in fact, much of the title is developed with the French resistance. As you well know very early in this conflict, they were an occupied nation and all the Gauls had one of three options: surrender, collaborate, or the most complex of all, resist. Much of this story is based on those people who decided to endure with everything and the danger that this entailed. Finding where the neighbors who could help were, when most of the people just hung their heads and wanted to stay alive … I found this bravery wonderful, to do everything in their power to defeat the enemy, and finally they won! That is why we wanted to tell the story of this resistance with a young woman, his teenage sister and an elderly man. As they did everything possible to fight and win, all this based on authentic stories, thanks to these little anecdotes the English and the Americans entered. There is no D-day without the French resistance! There would have been no such successful invasion without it.


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