Measure: Google Unplugged Another App


Measure app has been terminated. Google pulled the plug on another project. The company’s Measure app, which was struggling with problems and criticized for its performance, was terminated.

Google is known for starting new projects frequently. With almost unlimited resources, the US technology giant spends millions of dollars starting many projects with enthusiasm. However, the company is finishing the projects as quickly as it started.

A new one has been added to projects such as Google Glass, Google TV and Project Ara, which were terminated by Google or discarded by users. The US technology giant pulled the plug on the AR-supported measurement program called Measure.

Google Measure will be removed from Play Store

According to details revealed by Android Police, Google is preparing to retire the Measure app. The application, which was made available for all smartphones that support ARCore in 2018, was used to measure ordinary objects in your home or workplace, just like the tape measure. The app’s store page, which is very popular in the Tools category, has been removed.

If you haven’t installed the app before, there is no official way to download it anymore. However, Google will not victimize people who already use the Measure app. Although the app will no longer receive updates, it will be available.

It is not known why the US technology giant made such a decision. However, users who wrote reviews on Google Play stated that the application was unstable and crashed frequently. At the same time, it is thought that the measurements were not completely accurate and the company received so much criticism for this reason that this decision was affected.

Google announced last year that it is dedicating more resources to Measure and that more people will be working on the app. However, the small number of updates with a large number of intervals does not seem to satisfy the company’s performance standards.