Editorial use only. Hand Out HANDOUT /NO SALES Mandatory Credit: Photo by HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10565522c) A handout photo made available by the Big Hit Entertainment shows the members of the South Korean boy band 'Bangtan Boys, BTS' posing for photos prior to a press conference to promote their fourth album 'Map of the Soul 7' in Seoul, South Korea, 24 February 2020. K-Pop boy band Bangtan Boys BTS in Seoul, Korea - 24 Feb 2020

The names of the BTS members have deep and beautiful meanings.

The boys of BTS have inspired thousands of people around the world with their precious music and profound messages, which have touched all audiences of all ages, who have followed their career for years.

The young stars of Big Hit Entertainment are idols with incredible personalities who have not only demonstrated their talent on and off the stage, in each interaction the artists have shown that they have a big heart, which has caused ARMY to have a great connection with them. .

They say that names are the destiny of a person and in Korean culture they are made up of a last name and two names, usually the parents or grandparents of the baby are the ones who decide what the baby will be called.

This time we will reveal what are the real meanings of the names of V, RM, J-Hope, Jimin. Jungkook, Jin and Suga.

Kim Namjoon is the real name of the leader of BTS, which means: ‘Genius of the South’, apparently his parents had a notion of what RM would be, as it goes very well with his personality and intellectual characteristics of the BTS rapper.

Park Jimin was named after his beloved grandfather, who chose his name, which has two very profound meanings: “Wisdom and the one who will be higher than heaven.”

The BTS dancer has achieved great fame and popularity, is it because of fate or his name that is inspired by greatness?

Kim Seokjin, the oldest member of the band was named after his grandfather and the real meaning is: ‘Great treasure’. Jin is the precious treasure that ARMY has in their lives.

Min Yoongi, the real name of the BTS member, was chosen by his parents, which means: ‘Grow well and live the good life’, the rapper follows what this represents to the letter, since his music reflects all his thoughts and is always faithful to himself.

Jung Hoseok was named by his parents, who at all times have helped him fulfill his goals and dreams of becoming a star, the meaning of his name is: ‘It will spread throughout the country’, which combined shows that the dancer and rapper was born to shine.

Kim Taehyung was named after his beloved grandfather and means, ‘Everything will be fine, even in the face of difficult times,’ a beautiful and profound message that V learned through music and the love of his fans.

The name of the smallest member of BTS, Jeon Jungkook was assigned by his beloved grandfather and its meaning is: ‘Center or the pillars of the nation’.

The singer is not only recognized in his country but his voice has reached all parts of the world.


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