Meaningful move from MicroStrategy


MicroStrategy, which bought 38 thousand 250 BTC in the past months, started to redirect the domain name to Bitcoin.

A meaningful move for Bitcoin came from the US-based business intelligence company MicroStrategy, which completed its $ 425 million Bitcoin purchase last month.

The US-based software giant started redirecting its domain name to a page with educational content about Bitcoin. “Hope” means “hope” in Turkish.

Directed from and found on the official website of MicroStrategy, the company’s CEO Michael Saylor’s statements about Bitcoin and his publications about Bitcoin, as well as the famous Bitcoin advocate and trainer Andreas Antonopoulos from Bitcoin’s white paper. There are also various ingredients ranging from flour vidos.

Saylor said that Bitcoin represents hope for billions of people who need an economic empowerment tool. Saylor has been making statements about Bitcoin intensively since the day MicroStrategy bought Bitcoin. The CEO, who posted almost exclusively about Bitcoin this month, has used the word “Bitcoin” 30 times so far.

Sold to EOS’s company

MicroStrategy is the company that sold the domain name to EOS’s developer company last year. paid $ 30 million to MicroStrategy to get this domain name. It is stated that the company also owns domains such as, and

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