Meaningful Award from Japan to Hideo Kojima


Hideo Kojima, who has been in the video game industry for many years and has accomplished many successful works, received another meaningful award at the ceremony held in Japan today.

Hideo Kojima, who won the appreciation of the entire game world, continues to serve the game industry for 36 years. Kojima most recently appeared in the game Death Stranding. Despite its graphics and magnificent story, the game has been the target of harsh criticism from some players. After the rumor that a sequel could come in the past days, the developer and designer of the game, Hideo Kojima, has achieved another success today.

Despite all the criticism, Hideo Kojima continues to show that he did a good job with the awards he received. After Death Stranding, which was previously deemed worthy of the BAFTA Game Award in Technical Achievement at the BAFTA Award Ceremony and the owner of many other awards, the developer and designer of the game, Hideo Kojima, took home another important award today.

Awards found their owners at the ceremony held in Tokyo

At the ceremony held in Tokyo today, Hideo Kojima was awarded the ‘Fine Arts Award’, one of Japan’s biggest cultural awards. This award is given to people who have accomplished very successful works in every field of art or who have opened a new curtain in art, so to speak. Kojima was the last person to receive this award. Kojima is the second game developer to receive this award. The first video game developer to receive this award was Shigeru Miyamoto, who developed the Pikmin game series for Nintendo in 2010.

In his statement after this important award, Kojima said, “I am very happy that the immature environment of the games is highly appreciated as a cultural art form of expression. I will continue to devote myself to the creation of digital entertainment. Thank you very much for your support”. Hideo Kojima, who started his gaming career at Konami in 1986, seems to continue to make a name for himself with his successful works in the video game industry. We hope that after these successes, Kojima will also announce a sequel and make us gamers happy.

Sharing of thanks from Hideo Kojima

I received the 72nd Fine Arts Education Minister Award from the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Government of Japan. Thank you so much. I’ve been producing games for 36 years.