Meaning of 7u7 and How To Use It Correctly


The meaning of 7u7 may vary depending on the context of the conversation; it can mean mischief or sadness. The meaning of “7u7” is based on the use of an emoticon in the field of communication to add a spark of humor to images or to complement any communicative exchange through the web, both in conversations and in forums.

It can also have various meanings depending on who uses it . For example, one of them is the sad face, where the numbers 7 act as the eyes, the horizontal line being the closed eyes and the tears that fall vertically. For its part, the U, acting as a mouth of sadness.

These are not new emoticons for WhatsApp or another social network, they have been present even when metroflog existed.

An emoticon with different meanings

For other people, 7u7 has nothing to do with a sad face . In fact, it has a completely different meaning in circles of slightly older people, who use it as an emoticon with perverted meanings.

For example, many use 7u7 in conjunction with phrases like “Let’s go to bed” or “We’ll be here in the dark” to express a bold or wicked thought. This together with an emoticon that expresses it comically.

In this case, the numbers 7 present also act as the eyes of the little face, looking in one direction at both with mischief. While the “u” would act as an open mouth or tongue, in an expression that many have called “wicked mind”.

The meaning of these symbols may vary depending on the context in which the talk is taking place.

Meaning of 7u7 in a conversation

Although it is not a type of vocabulary that can be found in documents or professional conversations, today the expression or emoticon 7u7 is used more than ever.

They are used in conversations between two young adults with a perverted, mischievous, complicit, and ultimately intimate subject; 7u7 is a good way to complement a message like “Kiss me 7u7” or “Take me 7u7”.

Also in a sad conversation, a person can use the expression 7u7 to recount a feeling of sadness or desolation. To do this, phrases like “Locked up at home this weekend 7u7” or “Nobody loves me 7u7”.

7u7 and other expressions used in social networks

Nowadays communications do not stop, even in a time when users can count on a wide range of images for emoticons and even animations in any social network, the human being insists on being authentic and developing a completely different language than represent facial gestures using letters and numbers.

Much of the origin of these communicative customs comes from Japan, where anime is very famous. But actually, its origin can be very varied. Found in casual urban expressions, chat rooms, conversations, forums, and more.

What is really interesting about 7u7, and many other emoticons such as T_T, is that its meaning is attributed to it depending on the occasion or the topic of the conversation.

That is, it may well mean something to one person and it may have a completely different meaning to another.

Other expressions that are used in social networks are usually:

  • Forever alone
  • GPI
  • LOL
  • YOLO
  • Reject for what

And although each one gives a different manifestation, the meaning of 7u7 will always be mainly for flirting between people.


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