“Mean Girls” is Back on Netflix, and the Internet Has Thoughts


It really feels like Christmas in July. If it’s been too long since Regina George personally stalked you, fear not, “Mean Girls” is one of the many great movies and TV shows that came out on Netflix this month. The endlessly revised 2004 comedy starring Tina Fey (one of her best films, the script for which she also wrote), Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and many others has returned to the streaming service. Considering that this is already trending on Netflix, it was very good news for fans. In fact, when “Mean Girls” appeared on the home screens of Netflix subscribers, people turned to social media to share their excitement.

“Mean Girls” tells the story of Kady Lindsay Lohan, who is learning to navigate the hierarchy of high school popularity after her family previously homeschooled her when she lived in Africa. The film became a cult thanks to its amazing cast and endlessly quoted dialogues, so as soon as the film appeared on Netflix, groups were already formed to watch:

Of course, fans may have a penchant for drama, but the return of this movie to Netflix, according to this fan, was pretty much the best thing that ever happened. Do you think this Twitter user had to lie to get out of the plans, saying he couldn’t get out tonight because he (cough, cough) is sick?

This TikTok user channeled his inner Regina George, telling everyone to “SHUT UP” and saying she literally gasped when she opened Netflix and saw “Mean Girls” on the menu:

You just thought that all the noise you’ve been hearing the last few nights was because of the fireworks. In fact, it was the irresistible screams of “Mean Girls” fans everywhere that flashed through the film, and then, of course, quoted every line.

In all the excitement, there was no time for logical reflection, as fans prepared to drown out the atrocities in the world with another re-viewing of their consolation film. However, you should always devote time to punctuation marks, since no grandmother should suffer during subsequent screenings of “Mean Girls”. Dude.

Fans who are still trying to make a “selection” could not waste time, and Twitter users seemed to have given up everything to run to watch Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried teach Lindsay Lohan their wise methods on the way to popularity. Come on, pham, this is not a drill!

If you have never participated in the beauty of Mean Girls, this is definitely your chance! And if you don’t tell people: “On Wednesdays we wear pink” or declare that you are not a “normal mom”, but a “cool mom”, by the end you will at least be aware of the joke. when everyone goes crazy on Mean Girls Day, it’s October 3rd.

When you’re done reviewing this movie (as if you ever finished “Mean Girls”), be sure to check out the other movies coming soon on Netflix’s 2022 movie schedule, as well as some of the other best movies on Netflix. .