MCU Infinity Stones: A Complete Guide to Locations, Powers, and the Future


The MCU Infinity Stones have played an important role since the beginning of the franchise, and this is a guide to their origins, powers, and potential future. Infinity Stones are not just plot McGuffins for villains, their importance only increased as the film franchise developed. In Guardians of the Galaxy, a Collector explains the origin of these all-powerful gems, showing that they are the remnants of six singularities compressed into stones after the Big Bang. In Avengers: Infinity War, Dr. Strange shows Tony Stark that each stone controls an aspect of existence itself, which can be seen by how the colors of the Infinity Stones correspond to other manifestations of their respective singularity in the multiverse.

The Infinity Stone itself is a powerful weapon, but when they are all together, the user gains almost infinite power. Each phase of the MCU revealed more about the Infinity Stones, which led to Thanos’ quest to destroy half of all life in the universe in Avengers: Infinity War and the Avengers’ mission to undo the click in Avengers: Finale. The Infinity Gauntlets allow both universe-wide changes to occur, forcing each of the Stone’s abilities to work with each other to achieve this. However, they are difficult to make, and they cannot prevent the life-threatening physical losses that the use of all six Infinity Stones entails.

Since the MCU Infinity Stones are still an important element of the Marvel cinematic universe after the end of the Infinity Saga (with the exception of Loki, where they are paperweights), here’s everything viewers need to know about these stones. This includes all appearances of the MCU Infinity Stones, their abilities, and how they may affect the future of the MCU Phase 4. Here are all the explanations of the MCU Infinity Stones.

Space Stone (Tesseract)

Appearances: Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Finale, Loki, What if…?

Abilities: teleportation, wormhole creation, grants superpowers.

The Space Stone, the first Infinity Stone to appear in the MCU as a Tesseract, caused many problems throughout the Infinity Saga. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull retrieves it from Tensberg, Norway, and uses it to create a futuristic weapon for Hydra. After the Tesseract teleports the Red Skull to Vormir, the SHIELD retrieves the weapon and studies it to create its own weapon as part of Howard Stark’s PEGASUS project. In addition to launching the timeline of the MCU Infinity Stones, the Cosmos Stone provides insight into the true power of these mysterious objects. For a short time, the Space Stone passes from Mar-Vell’s hands to Nick Fury and Carol Danvers, the latter of whom absorbs his energy and becomes Captain Marvel, to Gus, and finally back to Nick Fury and the Shield.

In The Avengers, Thanos sends Loki to steal the Tesseract. Loki uses his powers to bring the Chitauri to New York in an unsuccessful attempt to conquer Earth, and as revealed in Avengers: Finale, shortly after the Battle of New York, he almost ends up in the hands of the Shield. However, the Avengers manage to hold him long enough for Thor to take him to Asgard, where he is kept in Odin’s Vault. Years later, Loki steals it again during the finale of Thor: Ragnarok, before handing it to Thanos at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, where Titan smashes the Tesseract and takes the Space Stone, making it the second Infinity Stone in Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.

The Avengers’ Time heist in Avengers: Finale opens a branch on the Sacred Timeline when Tony Stark from 2023 loses a Tesseract that falls at Loki’s feet. Loki grabs him and tries to escape, but he is immediately captured by the Time Change Control. In TVA, the Infinity Stones become useless, but help Loki 2012 realize that his “magnificent goal” was always just an excuse to project his pain on others. Now that their first chance to get it back is gone, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers travel back in time to 1970 and retrieve the Tesseract from the SHIELD base, meeting Peggy Carter and Howard Stark along the way. Finally, the Tesseract appears in “What If…?” episode 1, where the Red Skull uses it to summon Shum-Gorath through an interdimensional portal. Captain Carter pushes the creature back into the portal, and she finds herself in the present.

Although the Space Stone is connected to the cosmos, its infinite amount of energy can be used to create and power weapons, cars, cities, and even people. It also has other subtle features that have not been fully explained in the MCU. This includes his ability to communicate with other Infinity Stones, make Captain Marvel a powerful Marvel character, and open portals to other realities.