MCU Finally Remembered Black Widow’s Sacrifice in Endgame


Warning: This post contains spoilers for Miss Marvel

The Marvel cinematic universe has finally remembered the victim of the Black Widow “Avengers: Finale”. Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself so that Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) could get the Soul Stone to defeat Thanos. Miss Marvel is the first time the Avenger has received proper recognition—three years after her death.

“Miss Marvel” is the latest MCU series to debut on Disney+ and introduces Kamala Khan Iman Vellani, who discovers superpowers after wearing her great—grandmother’s bracelet. During the first episode of “Miss Marvel,” Kamala and best friend Bruno attend Avenger Con, a fan convention dedicated to the Avengers and their many heroisms, including their battle against Thanos. The event included Avengers memorabilia, a cosplay contest, and a shared love for superheroes who have saved the world from Thanos and others over the years. However, the scam was not just a celebration, as it also included a tribute to those who died in battle. To this end, Kamala and Bruno walk past a wall painting depicting the Black Widow and Iron Man, which reads: “Thank you for your sacrifice.”

This is the first time that Black Widow’s death has been acknowledged by the public, not just by her teammates. However, that’s still not enough, given the homage and funeral Iron Man received at the end of Avengers: Finale, and the importance he continues to play in the post-Finale era, namely in the Spider-Man films. Hawkeye and Elena Belova, Natasha’s sister, first introduced in The Black Widow, are the only ones who even before the tribute to Ms. Marvel at least visited her grave or fully realized the seriousness of her sacrifice. Now that the public knows about the sacrifice that the Black Widow made, wall art still seems secondary.

The good thing on the walls is that “The Avengers of the Black Widow: Death in the Finale” is now well known. This is something for which the superhero can be fully respected, because the world knows what she did in the fight against Thanos; her actions will no longer go unnoticed. Just as Ms. Marvel is infatuated with Captain Marvel and her heroic efforts in the Finale, other characters may treat Black Widow the same way in the future. All of which suggests that it’s still painful to realize that Black Widow wasn’t properly buried by her own teammates. Given that the wall art in “Miss Marvel” combines her sacrifice with that of Iron Man, “Avengers: Finale” could do the same.

Despite everything, the victim of the Black Widow continues to be remembered throughout the MCU, which means that it is not so easy to forget or push into the background. Natasha still plays a role in the lives of Elena and Clint Barton; they mourned her, quarreled with each other out of guilt and anger, and were bound by love for the Black Widow. Now that it’s been a few years since “Avengers: Finale,” Ms. Marvel is at least honoring the superhero’s sacrifice in a way that hasn’t been done particularly well before. Wall art shown in passing doesn’t necessarily matter much in the grand scheme of things, but making sure the world knows what Black Widow did in the fight against Thanos — and that the victims weren’t just Iron Man — is better than nothing. everything.

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