MCU Fans Point to a Mysterious Hole in Korg’s Plot in Love & Thunder Reactions


Attention: This article contains spoilers for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

MCU fans have pointed out a confusing discrepancy in the origin story of Korg in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Korga is played by director Taika Waititi in the MCU, who made his debut in the film “Thor: Ragnarok”. Waititi directed both “Ragnarok” and “Love and Thunder”, where he played the Kronan warrior along with the Sakaar insectoid Mick, who became friends with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and became close friends.

After meeting Thor in “Thor: Ragnarok”, Korg tells the God of Thunder that he started a revolution on the planet, but only his mom and her boyfriend appeared. In Thor: Love and Thunder, Korg tells a different story about his parents, saying that he had two fathers who created him in a river of lava, holding hands, which is somewhat consistent with the comics. In Incredible Hulk #94, Korg’s parents are named O-Korg and Ana, and in World War Hulk: Aftersmash: Warbound #4, it is revealed that Kronans are asexual, possibly all males, and that newborns are formed when two adult Kronans fall into lava. rivers and break up together to form a new Kronan.

This discrepancy was pointed out by MCU fans (via Twitter), who immediately called the change of origin of the Korg from “Thor: Ragnarok” to “Thor: Love and Thunder”, while many tried to figure out the plot hole. Some suggest that Corga’s mom is transgender, while others claim that there was a divorce at some point, and many blame lazy continuity or even pushing an “awakened” agenda. Ultimately, this is a pretty big gaffe, which seems contradictory, even if the story of “Love and Thunder” is more accurate in origin from the comics.

– (sucks) Movie Details (@shittykino) July 10, 2022

No one will talk about what Korg says in “Thor: Ragnarok” that no one except his mom and her boyfriend participated in his revolution, and in “Thor: Love and Thunder” he says that he has two fathers???? Do you like continuity??? #TorLyubovIGrom

— Olivia (@oliviaranaf) July 7, 2022

OK, but if Korg has 2 fathers, what happened to his mom and her boyfriend #ThorLoveAndThunder #Korg

— a (@felaarmad) July 9, 2022

Disney just passed 360. In Ragnarok, Korg has a mom and she has a boyfriend. In love and thunder, he has two dads who created him. What kind of Disney is this?

— Chad Ryan (@itsBarreda) July 11, 2022

Extremely mild spoiler for #Thor:

Korg says that in “Ragnarok” he has a mother, but in the new one they say that he was born from two fathers, because his whole species is men?? Everything in this movie seemed completely incompatible with all previous Marvel movies, down to the smallest detail.

— Dallas Jones (@deathbydialogue) July 10, 2022

I like the idea that in the rock types of Corga, two dads get together to have a baby. But it also raises a question… who are Corg’s mom and her boyfriend that Corg hates? 🤔 #ThorLoveAndThunder #korg

— Jessica Johnson 🇺🇦 (@infinitarisus) July 11, 2022

Loved #ThorLoveAndThunder… but now Korg has 2 dads? In Ragnarock, he talks about his mom and her boyfriend. Someone from Marvel should hire me to check the continuity.

— Silence Is Kind. (@Silencioshhhhhh) July 9, 2022

One question about Torah 4: Is everyone on the planet Korga gay or do they have only one gender?

He said he had a mom, but then he said he had two dads, and obviously cronan women aren’t needed for reproduction, so who was his mom?

— Jacques∞ (@saputawsit) July 9, 2022

Korg has two fathers who gave birth to him together, as well as a mother who has a boyfriend… how do the Kronan families work? I’m all for anything, but I’m just confused about the size and nature of the relationship. #KronanFamilyUnit

— Jason V. Christian (@SaltsPepper) July 8, 2022

It’s just that Disney remains Disney, they even changed Korg’s backstory from Thor Ragnarok to Thor love and thunder, so he had 2 dads instead of mom and dad.

— Alex “The Strongest Teacher in the World” Kelly (@StrongmanTeachr) July 12, 2022

During a party to watch Thor: Ragnarok in 2020, Waititi mentioned that he would study the “cultural specifics” of the Korg, especially how the Kronans “breed” in Thor: Love and Thunder, which shows that he probably planned to include the origin of the comics earlier. start of production. However, it seems that his intention to include this aspect of Korg culture in “Love and Thunder” overlooked the line that was said about Korg’s mom and boyfriend in “Ragnarok”. This isn’t the first time Korg has come under scrutiny in terms of consistency, as his appearance was an issue when he appeared in the Disney+ series “What If…?”