MCU fans criticized Kevin Feige for retcon “Miss Marvel Origin”

ATTENTION: This article contains the MAIN SPOILERS from the finale of “Miss Marvel”.
MCU fans are reacting to the massive plot twist in the finale of “Miss Marvel” by criticizing Kevin Feige from Marvel Studios for deciding to re-convert an important detail about the origin of Kamala Khan. Disney+ is helping Marvel Studios expand the MCU with new original programs focused on new heroes of the Marvel universe. One of them, who finally moved from the panel to the screen this year, was Kamala Khan, and Iman Vellani played the cult heroine in “Miss Marvel”.
Although “Miss Marvel” was a success for Marvel Studios and Disney+, there was criticism of how Kamala’s powers are portrayed in the series. In the comics, Kamala is one of the outstanding inhumans with the ability to change shape. However, the MCU adaptation took a different path with her abilities, and the Miss Marvel finale took her to a whole new level. Although Kamala can still stretch and stretch like in the comics, they have added a cosmic factor to it. One of the final scenes of the “Miss Marvel” finale revealed that Kamala is actually a mutant, not an inhuman, which will probably be further explored when she appears in “Miracles” next year.
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After it became known about the true origin of Kamala and her abilities, MCU fans took to social networks to react to the finale of “Miss Marvel”. The reaction was extremely mixed, as several fans scold Feigi for making the decision to erase Kamala’s inhuman past in favor of turning her into a mutant. Although neither Feigi nor anyone associated with the creative team of “Miss Marvel” reacted to the final twist, that’s what many MCU fans claim on the Internet.
It is clear why the disclosure of the finale of the first season of “Miss Marvel” causes a mixed reaction. Although they haven’t appeared in MCU films yet, Inhumans are already canon for the MCU on Earth-616 thanks to Agents of Shield and even the critically acclaimed TV show Inhumans. To be technical, Anson Mount, who played Black Thunder in the short-lived ABC drama, played Earth-838 in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, so at least one Non-Human was shown on the big screen in a film directed by Feigi. Since inhumans were already part of the Marvel Studios canon, the decision to erase Kamala’s true origin in order to make her a mutant should have caused a violent reaction.
It is not yet known why Feigi and the management of Marvel Studios decided to go in this direction with the help of Kamala’s abilities in the MCU. There’s still so much to explore in this twist, as all fans have to agree on at this point is that Bruno simply states that Kamala’s powers are “like a mutation.” If it weren’t for the not-so-subtle X-Men riff, things would certainly be a little more ambiguous. Whether it’s in “Miracles” or perhaps in a potential season of “Miss Marvel” 2, the creatives have only touched the surface with Kamala’s power setting, and hopefully more will be revealed sooner or later.