MCU: Echo is an ex—widow?


As Maya Lopez abandons her life of crime in New York and returns to her hometown to rediscover herself after the collapse of her father’s empire, MCU fans are looking forward to what happens to the deaf hero next. Maya’s character, also known as Echo, is a smart and strong—willed person that viewers have been talking about since she debuted in Hawkeye.

According to brief memoirs given in the six-part series, Maya grew up the only child of her father, William Lopez, and established a close relationship with him. As a child, she studied martial arts with the support of her father and allegedly lived the most normal life for the daughter of a gangster. When William was killed, Maya became the leader of the sports mafia and became the adopted daughter of Wilson Fisk, to whom she was incredibly loyal until she discovered his involvement in her father’s death.

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One of Echo’s most notable skills is that she has the ability to mimic the fighting style of whoever she is fighting, a trait that is almost not talked about in the Hawkeye series. Presumably, as a child, she learned this in martial arts classes. However, much of her background has not yet been revealed.

Maya’s memories begin with fond memories of the time spent with William as a child, and then quickly move into adulthood, where she witnesses the murder of her father. It is later shown that Fisk thinks of Maya as a daughter because she turned to him when she was grieving. Fans are left to assume that Fisk, also known as Kingpin, put Maya through rigorous training to get the mafia mantle in her father’s tracksuit, but there is still a big gap in her life that remains empty. Perhaps it was during this unknown period of time that Maya connected with the Widows and learned to copy the fighting style of her opponents.

What’s interesting about Maya’s special skill is that she’s not the only Phase 4 character that MCU fans have met with this talent. Black Widow’s antagonist Taskmaster also reflects the fighting style of the one she studied in battle. Also, when Elena and Maya fought Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, the Archers had a brief misunderstanding when Clint thought he was fighting Maya on the roof, not Elena. Clint has a lot of experience studying how Widows fight, given his close relationship with Natasa. The fact that he couldn’t distinguish between Maya and Elena’s fighting styles means that they have incredibly similar fighting mannerisms.

All this raises the question: Does Maya have connections with deadly female killers? It probably took a lot more skills to take control of the sports mafia than she got from her father and martial arts training as a child. Given her ruthless desire for revenge, Maya’s goal was to make the tracksuits even stronger than before, so that she no longer had to suffer the pain of losing someone she loved. It’s reasonable to assume that Fisk taught her some things to succeed as a leader, but he turned out to be a low-level threat in the MCU.

Despite all his bragging about power and strength, Fisk single-handedly stopped Kate Bishop and then shot Maya. His presence in “Hawkeye” is much less dangerous than ever in “Daredevil” from Netflix, so it is unlikely that he will be able to train and educate such a strong fighter as Maya. Her talents far surpass the skills of the surrounding criminals in her life.

Given the loving relationship between Maya and her father, it is unlikely that he voluntarily subjected her to the painful training that the victims of the Red Room are forced to suffer. As far as fans can tell from Hawkeye, Maya’s upbringing was much more traditional than anything Widows like Natasha Romanova or Elena Belova had to go through.

With that said, given the large gaps in Maya’s background and her combat resemblance to Taskmaster and Elena, there may be a possibility that at some point in her life Maya was unconventionally trained by another Widow. The show “Hawkeye” was closely connected with the film “Black Widow”, the story of Natasha Romanoff and Widows in general. Although this part of the show was related to Clint’s journey, there is always a chance that the MCU will create connections between projects for their future projects. Marvel is also very deliberate in its cinematography, and Hawkeye viewers first saw Maya bathing in a room filled with bright red light. Maybe it was done just for aesthetic purposes, or maybe it was meant to refer to the Widow’s Red Room.

In any case, we hope that the upcoming Echo series will shed light on Maya’s complicated past. Perhaps she was a widow, or perhaps her skills came from a completely different source.


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