MCU Confirms Where Miss Marvel Will Appear in Next Phase 4

Warning: SPOILERS for episode 6 of “Miss Marvel”.
Miss Marvel’s next appearance in Phase 4 of the MCU has been confirmed. Kamala Khan’s (Iman Vellani) MCU debut came to an end when the last episode of “Miss Marvel” aired. Among the many actions, including trying to save Kamran (Rish Shah) from damage control, there was also a lot of heart and laughter. Miss Marvel finally learned her superhero nickname, thanks to her father, and now she is considered Jersey City’s own superhero.
However, the finale of “Miss Marvel” gave many hints about Kamala’s upcoming adventures in the MCU. Not only did Bruno (Matt Linz) tell her that there is a mysterious “mutation” in her genes that explains why she has abilities and the rest of her closest relatives don’t, but after the credits Miss Marvel looked like this. Teleported by activating her bracelet, somehow delivering the one and only Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) directly to Kamala’s bedroom. It is not known where Kamala went or how they eventually switched places, but this gives a funny reference to the upcoming sequel to Captain Marvel, “Miracles”, in which Kamala will meet her main character.
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The scene after the credits of “Miss Marvel” was followed by another important part of the MCU, the declaration of the next appearance of the hero. This confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that the next time viewers will see Kamala Khan in Phase 4 of the MCU in “Miracles”. Everything is ready for the meeting of these two heroes. Here’s everything we know about Ms. Marvel’s future in the MCU.
Everything we know about Miracles
The director of “Miracles” will be Nia DaCosta, and the release is scheduled for July 28, 2023. Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers will be joined by Monica Rambo from Teyona Parris, who gained powers in Vandavision and had various aliases in comics, initially as Captain Marvel, then Photon, Pulsar and most recently Spectrum. These three heroes will face the villain Zava Ashton, although it is not yet known which of the villains Ashton will play. Although nothing has been confirmed in terms of plot, there are plenty of references in the MCU’s Phase 4 that could hint at what could happen. The appearance of Captain Marvel in the scene after the credits of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” may answer the question, for example, how Kamala and Carol switched places. If Carol is looking for the power behind the Ten Rings, it could lead her to Kamala’s bracelet, as the flashback scene in “Miss Marvel” showed that the ClanDestines originally found the bracelet in the place where the symbol of the Ten Rings was carved on the bracelet. floor.
Will Miss Marvel Season 2 still be happening?
Whether the second season of “Miss Marvel” will take place is still unknown. At the moment, the only original MCU Disney+ show that has been renewed is “Loki”, which was confirmed after the credits after the first season finale, and the animated series “What If…?”. Other MCU shows such as “Vandavision”, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “Hawkeye” and “Moon Knight” remain single-season shows, as they were all announced as miniseries. The Miss Marvel show on Disney+ has also been announced as a mini-series, but that won’t necessarily stop Marvel Studios from renewing it later. “Miss Marvel” may be renewed for a second season after the release of “Marvel”, or Kamala Khan may next appear in a brand new Disney+ show or in another movie, perhaps even in a solo movie. It all depends on where the MCU takes her story (and the true origin of her superpowers), which will affect her position as a hero in the MCU.
Ms. Marvel’s introduction to the MCU was a success, and viewers are undoubtedly excited to see where she goes next. Now that the MCU is introducing new and young heroes to its roster, it will be interesting to see how Kamala interacts with the superheroes she has admired so much all her life. Since Ms. Marvel intentionally makes Kamala a fan of premium MCU heroes, watching her meet Marvel superheroes in real time will undoubtedly be helpful.