MCU: 9 Fan Theories that Fans Refuse to Give Up


Warning: This article contains spoilers for the films “Thor, Love and Thunder”.

The Marvel cinematic universe is a franchise created specifically for fans to theorize. In between the release of each part of the superhero franchise, fans come up with hundreds of intricate theories about what could happen next and what Marvel Studios is preparing. More recently, many have already begun to discuss what they think will happen in the next Thor movie, especially given that the unexpected episodic appearance of Hercules confirms that the Greek gods may eventually play an important role in the future.

Although there were several cases when fans were right in their theories, most often other theories turned out to be wrong. Even more disappointing is that some theories are not even touched by the franchise. Nevertheless, fans continue to hold on to certain as-yet unproven reflections that they refuse to ever give up.

There were other ways

In the last two Avengers films, Doctor Strange made a very bold statement that out of 14,000 605 possible futures, the Avengers would defeat Thanos in only one. As the film progresses, it turns out that Strange’s only future is connected with the sacrifice of Tony Stark in order to destroy Thanos’ forces.

Redditor ThreatLevelMidkn1ght believes that Strange “could have seen 14 million possibilities just where he survived,” and that there were actually many more realities the Avengers could have defeated that were hidden from the Archmage because he died too early to see them played out. Given the Ancient One’s remarks in Doctor Strange that she can’t see the future after the day she dies, this theory seems quite plausible, leading fans to wonder if Tony really could have survived.

Former Mind Stone Project

The Mind Stone holds a special place among the Infinity Stones in the MCU. The location of the Mind Stone responsible for the creation of Vision, as well as the power of the Scarlet Witch before the events of the Avengers, remains a mystery. Some Reddit users believe this story could be vital to a larger MCU.

A Marvel Soulkraken fan notes that every other Infinity Stone has some kind of origin other than the Mind Stone. They suggest that before it came into the possession of Thanos, “[the Mind Stone] nourished/created the Higher Intelligence that used to rule the Kree.” If this theory is indeed true, the Higher Intelligence may turn out to be a much more powerful antagonist than originally thought, and possibly reappear in Miracles.

Skrull Fury

The Skrulls are heading to Earth. With the announcement of a secret invasion led by Nick Fury, it may seem that the MCU is adapting the classic comic storyline of the same name, in which shape-shifting aliens make a secret invasion of Earth, taking the place of several major Marvel characters.

Odin’s Quest

Odin may have been a benevolent ruler by the time the audience meets him in the Torah, but his daughter Hela says that this was not always the case. Her story of Odin’s conquering reign, combined with an intriguing Easter egg from his vault, makes some fans wonder what his original goals as a conqueror were.

ParkingConfection449 believes that the mythological Scandinavian All-Father of Asgard “tried to collect the Infinity Stones, but realized that they were too dangerous to store them together.” Such a story would explain the fake Infinity Gauntlet seen in Odin’s treasury, and would also explain his remorse after conquering the Nine Worlds together with Hela, being humiliated by the true power of the united Stones.

Mercury is still alive

The unexpected appearance of Evan Peters in “Vandavision” misled many fans into believing that he was reprising his role as Mercury from Fox’s “X-Men” films. Although it eventually turned out that Peters’ character was just an actor pretending to be Pietro Maximoff, some fans are far from convinced.

NeonHowler writes: “I still believe that [Ralph] Boehner is the Mercury from the X—Men,” continuing to suggest that he is actually a missing person from the Witness Protection Program that Jimmy Wu was looking for at the beginning of the series. This theory may actually turn out to be true, as Boner has never been seen since Hex’s dismantling, leaving his true identity outside of Wanda’s fictional world a mystery.

I.H.O.D.U.S. Project

In one deleted scene from Iron Man 2, there were several Easter eggs about the future of the MCU, as Tony mentioned the names of several government projects, including Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and Project Goliath. The only project mentioned by Tony that has not yet been implemented in the MCU is E.X.O.D.U.S.

Kokicent adds his own ideas to numerous fan theories describing how the MCU will introduce mutants. They believe that “The EXODUS project will be used to explain the absence of mutants in the MCU.”


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