MCU: 10 Best Reddit Reactions to SDCC Ads


This time of year is always great for those who are fans of various superhero franchises, as this is the time when Comic-Con in San Diego usually takes place. Numerous announcements about the MCU and future franchise events often appear at Comic-Con.

Given how passionate fans of the Marvel cinematic universe are, it’s no surprise that they’ve turned to Reddit to share their thoughts—mostly positive—about what’s coming in the future stages of this vast media franchise. As a result, they demonstrate how much creative juice is left in the MCU and how many stories are left to tell.

Some scold the new Avengers

The Avengers are, of course, some of the best characters to appear in the MCU, and they were the backbone of the first few phases. But many fans are looking forward to some new actors, including West-Cardiologist180, who writes: “I’m really glad we got past them.

Too much of the same thing becomes boring, and nothing else seems at stake. However, now we know that the characters can and will die, so we are worried about them. That’s part of what attracts me.” While some may miss the old line-up, the new players will certainly provide fans with new people to root for and take care of.

At the moment it is not important to have a new Black Panther

“Black Panther” is considered one of the best films of the MCU, and the early death of Chadwick Bozeman called into question the future of the sequel. However, the new Wakanda Forever trailer demonstrates that there is still a lot to tell about this fictional African country.

Fannamedtom100 Talks about the trailer’s Reluctance to Name a New Black Panther: “So yes, I don’t think the film will attach much importance to who exactly will become the new Black Panther (as long as someone does it), and we shouldn’t expect either. Ultimately, fandom believes that the film can be about much more than just one character.

Ryan Coogler should shoot “Avengers: Secret Wars”

Many great directors have channeled their talent into the Marvel cinematic universe, and Ryan Coogler is especially known for how much energy and uniqueness he brought to the character and story of Black Panther.

Kinzheng believes he should also direct Avengers: Secret Wars. He really has a unique directorial vision capable of capturing deeply personal moments with spectacle and drama that are part of the MCU aesthetic.

Maybe the MCU is getting too big

In many ways, the MCU is one of the most successful major Hollywood franchises. However, while this has led to dominance at the box office, it also comes with a fair amount of risk, as some Reddit users noted after the SDCC announcements.

Principedepolanko writes about the complication of storylines and the vastness of the canvas: “This worries me, because contradictions between past storylines will begin quite quickly, and soon enough we will be looking for excuses for any serious inconsistencies between the stories.” It is definitely true that over time it will become increasingly difficult — though hopefully not impossible — for the MCU to hold its internal consistency firmly.

Some are looking forward to preparing for a secret war

Many important events have happened in the MCU, and Infinity War casts a very long shadow. For this reason, the announcement of the new saga focused on the Secret War. Many users hope that the new parts of the saga convey a sense of impending doom and crisis.

Lelwood616_ writes: I really hope they will be able to convey this tone as the intrusions will be introduced in MoM, and I hope we will see further mention of them in future projects. Hints that some people know more than they show, etc.” Let’s hope that the MCU will be able to catch the right mood to make their new films successful.

Marvel Movies Should Keep Trying New Styles

Throughout its existence, the MCU has been very willing to try new styles, giving its directors considerable creative control. It is for this reason that many entries in the franchise can be easily distinguished. However, this has been a little less true lately, which leads Donttouchmethereuwu to say, “I think the series as a whole would be better if there were more films that cover a complete genre change while still maintaining the MCU setting.”

If they move in this direction, it will allow them to continue infusing new life and energy into the MCU without becoming creatively obsolete.

Who should write the music for the new Avengers movies?

A key part of the appeal of the MCU has always been music, which often combines well with visual effects to create strong emotions.


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