McLaren Speedtail and F-35 Aircraft in Drag Race (Video)


The winner in the fight of a racing car with a jet of jet is almost always clear, but watching the fight has always been a joy. The McLaren Speedtail and F-35 race are no different.

Years ago, Bugatti Veyron competed with the Eurofigher Typhoon. Even though Bugatti lost the race, it was very pleasant to watch. We often see Formula 1 vehicles across planes.

Now McLaren Speedtail faces the F-35 in a drag race. The short-distance structure of drag races, which emphasizes acceleration, reveals a fun image with the fact that it has somewhat closed the difference between cars and planes.

Some things never change:
12 years after 2008, Top Gear challenged a new plane this time with a new driver and a new car. The race turned out to be meaningless once again, but the fun that is already important in these races. After all, everyone loves engine noise and speed.

The F-35 is currently considered the fastest and most advanced jet. The maximum speed of the F-35 is approaching 2,000 kilometers per hour. This means 1.6 times the speed of sound. F-35 jets were produced in cooperation of 9 countries. countries which contributed to the production of this aircraft from taking place in Turkey.

One of the highlights in the video is the ‘Preview’ phrase on the video. So even if we only see a certain race for the winner, Top Gear may offer more.

McLaren Speedtail, with its speed of 400 kilometers per hour, is also the fastest model McLaren has ever produced. The engine of this 1,055 horsepower monster produces 1,150 Nm of torque. With its twin 4-liter V8 engine and electrical systems supporting it, the vehicle goes from 0 to 100 in under 3 seconds.

It seems unlikely that cars can cross planes due to physical limits. However, these two different types of vehicles will continue to face, even for entertainment. You can watch this very interesting match from the video below.

Here is the drag race of F-35 and McLaren Speedtail:


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