McDonald’s will reward users who want free snacks


McDonald’s announced on Tuesday (25) its newest promotion, # MéquiPatrocina, which will meet the requests of Internet users for free snacks made until August 19th. Those who participate will win a block with cheese, one of the company’s traditional sandwiches.

To sign up, you need to send the link of your post to the number (11) 3230-3223 by WhatsApp until the 31st of this month and follow the instructions. The posts considered eligible are those made at any time, within the established deadline, and that contain the words “Sponsor” and “McDonald’s” (including MacDonalds, Mc and Méqui variants).

They must be in the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed and, for McDonald’s to check their validity, it is essential that the profiles are public during the validation process.

After this process, you will receive a voucher valid until September 7th this year. According to the # MéquiPatrocina regulations, it is not possible to use it in the delivery system or in Méqui Sem Fila. Therefore, participants must withdraw the prize at one of the participating restaurants, listed on this link

For those who cannot participate in the promotion, McDonald’s has released a series of discounts available on its app. What did you think of these news? Share your opinion in the comments!

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