McDonalds Will Not Use Its Name and Logo in New Ad Campaign


McDonald’s breaks taboos in his new campaign. The company’s name and logo will not be found on the latest campaign posters of the famous fast food chain. Only the contents of the menus sold in McDonalds are written on the campaign posters.

McDonald’s will not use names and logos in outdoor promotion posters of its new promotional campaign. The posters designed by David Schwen from the advertising agency Leo Burnett London contain only the contents of the McDonalds menus.

In campaign materials designed by David Schwen, words and colors were chosen to remind McDonalds. People who see the posters of McDonalds can recognize the brand not only from the menu contents printed on the posters, but also from the selection of colors and fonts.

Andrew Log, director of advertising agency Leo Burnett London, said that only a handful of brands can communicate with people this way. “We are proud of our latest work for one of the world’s most iconic brands,” said Long. When I look at the posters, I can understand who he is telling. ”


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