McDonald’s will no longer put plastic toys!


No more gifts for children in Happy Meal. Plastic toys will be banned from McDonald’s restaurants for good.

The toys in the Happy Meal menus are over. McDonald’s is putting an end to plastic gifts on its children’s menus. But why ?

If there are people out there who like to go to McDonald’s. Especially to order a Happy Meal and discover their toy. But that will change soon.

For several years, McDonald’s has wanted to improve its image. In fact, the brand has not always been very clean. Especially when it comes to the lack of selective sorting in its restaurants. But also for their production of unnecessary packaging.

But in recent years, McDonald’s has been trying to redeem itself. In November 2019, the company decided to ban plastic straws. Replaced then by paper straws which are more ecological.

In addition, they are committed to introducing selective waste sorting for all their restaurants. But also in the production of single-use packaging, which is more respectful of the environment.

But that’s not all. McDonald’s has also been known to recover used oil from its French fries as fuel. To run their delivery trucks. Not bad !

So the message is clear. The American giant wants to change things. And show its ecological commitment. That’s why they took a radical decision.


The news broke this week. In the press release from McDonald’s restaurants, we learn that the plastic gifts on children’s menus will disappear. And will therefore be replaced by books, coloring or cardboard figurines.

A decision initiated by two little British girls: Ella 9 years old and Caitlin 7 years old. They then launched a petition to make fast food think more about the environment. They therefore ask that they stop giving plastic toys to children.

A petition that quickly won unanimous support. Since it has received over 500,000 signatures! This is why McDonald’s fast food restaurant decided to take action. In England, Ireland and France, plastic toys will therefore be banned from restaurants.

In their press release, they explain: “This new zero plastic commitment will save more than 300 tonnes of plastic per year.”

With this new measure, McDonald’s therefore anticipates the entry into force of the “circular economy” law. A law that provides for the ban on plastic toys in children’s menus by 2022. This elimination of waste becomes more than necessary today.

Indeed, most plastic waste is still found at the bottom of our oceans. And they will stay there forever. About 10 million tonnes of plastics end up at sea each year.

An awareness acclaimed by customers who want to change their consumption pattern. Even when going to eat McDonald’s.


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