McDonald’s will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


Our colleagues at Business Insider just announced the return of Shamrock Shake to McDonald’s on St. Patrick’s Day

Here is a piece of news that will please all McDonald’s fans. But maybe not the French. Since the product we are going to tell you about will not be available in fast food restaurants across the country. On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, McDonald’s announces the return of the Shamrock Shake!

Because yes, although we can not go to bars to celebrate this particular day, St. Patrick’s Day intends to be celebrated, in its own way. For this, the fast food chain wanted to please its fans.

Another way to counter Burger King and its many novelties. Indeed, since the emergence of fast food specializing in grilled meat, McDonald’s must fight to keep the throne.

It must be said that the “M” rarely offers anything new unlike its rival. This is probably why the Chicken Avocado landed a few weeks ago. It’s a chance for McDonald’s to prove that they too know how to launch new burgers.

This was not enough, so the company wanted to relaunch another product that appealed to fans immensely. The famous Shamrock Shake and the Oreo Shamrock Shake. If you’ve never set foot in America, you might be wondering what we’re talking about.

Rest assured, our colleagues from Business Insider have just recalled what the product in question was. And the least that can be said is that McDonald’s just hit the big time with putting it back on the market for St. Patrick’s Day.


But in the end, what is it? The iconic green shake, composed of vanilla, a whipped topping and an incomparable Shamrock Shake »menthol flavor. It is often introduced towards the end of February in the United States, Canada and Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

McDonald’s also wants to please Oreo fans. Since it was first introduced last year, for the 50th anniversary of the Shamrock Shake. This includes pieces of Oreo mixed with a regular Shamrock Shake.

The firm explaining in a press release: “We know that this winter may seem longer than the others. So we’re excited to give customers something to look forward to by bringing the two fan favorites back to the menu this month. ”

It is true that in this Covid-19 period, small gestures can be nice. And no doubt that will give McDonald’s customers a lot of smiles. The Shamrock Shake has been available for two days in the USA.

It remains to be seen when we, the French, will also be able to take advantage of it. On this point, we can be pessimistic and very patient… As is often the case with most of the “M” dishes.


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