McDonald’s will add chicken sandwiches to its menu!


After the McBaguette, McDonald’s continues the super gourmet novelties and plans to release a chicken swandich by 2021 …. Yum!

McDonald’s continues its race for the best sandwiches! By 2021, a new chicken burger should emerge …

The famous fast-food brand continues to gain new followers! Indeed, few people like to eat it!

After a night out, when you are lazy to cook or to comfort yourself, every occasion is good (except for a date of course!). In short, McDonald’s always has its effect!

However, the famous brand does not rest on its laurels and seeks novelty so as not to tire its customers … No matter who could be bored of a Big Mac but hey!

So, for this year 2020, McDonald’s has already hit hard with exclusive collaborations with Travis Scott and J Baldwin! Well done !

Add to that the charitable side of the brand. Indeed, McDo UK has struck a blow by making a superb advertising spot to help those in need. Wow, we watched and it’s so touching!


On the novelty side, McDonald’s released limited edition spicy nuggets and the hit McBaguette. Have you tasted? We find it too good!

Thus, the franchise is expanding its menu by always adding more content… Yum!

The choice will be even more complicated, but we love to hesitate like this … No matter what we take, we will never be disappointed!

In short, for 2021, McDonald’s should release a crispy chicken sandwich … Are you hungry? We will give you mouth water …

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Indeed, the famous burger should contain a good soft bread, a potato pancake, pickles and especially a crispy chicken. Simple and efficient !

As for the sauce, only the brand still knows the secret!

In short, we are really too excited to be in 2021 now!


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