McDonald’s vs Lidl: who makes the best nuggets?


According to our colleagues at GQ, Lidl would have won a “new trophy” thanks to his nuggets. The latter considered better than those of McDonald’s

How far will Lidl go to surprise us? For several years, the German brand has never ceased to surprise us. Whether with his collaborations with the biggest stars, his clothes, or even his nuggets.

Yes, you read that correctly, like the biggest fast food restaurants, the company has just launched its own nuggets. According to the comments of many Internet users, they would be delicious. But before we talk about the little chicken parts, let’s get back to the brand’s success.

As we were letting you know, the hype around Lidl has only been around for a very short time. Previously, the supermarket was considered a has-been and some children were ashamed to tell their friends that their parents were shopping there.

Today, I am proud to come to Lidl for the groceries. It must be said that the company’s marketing department has understood everything. By offering products that can satisfy young and old, but above all, create an extraordinary craze around the brand.

If on top of that, Lidl unveils even better nuggets than McDonalds, no one can stop them.


Because that is exactly what it seems to be happening. According to the comments of some Internet users, Lidl would have hit hard with his nuggets. The latter, apparently better than those of Burger King, or even Mc Donald’s.

So you just have to see the rain of Twitter comments relayed by GQ to understand the craze around the famous pieces of chicken:

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“Their nuggets at Burger King weren’t good… Even Lidl’s frozen foods were better. Puree but Lidl’s nuggets look like McDonald’s. Only the real know that the best nuggets come from lidl. Ah, there’s no trick mdrrr just that Lidl’s nuggets are above anything else that is done elsewhere ”.

So you will understand, it seems that once again the brand has won many points.


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