McDonald’s: Threats Customers with a Knife!


On January 10, 2021, a 22-year-old young man threatened customers at a McDonald’s in Rennes with a huge butcher’s knife.

Armed with a huge butcher’s knife, a 22-year-old man attacked customers at a McDonald’s in Rennes, then the security guard and the restaurant manager. Arrested by the police, the perpetrator ended up interned.

On January 10, 2021, customers of a McDonald’s located in Rennes faced a young man who was disturbed to say the least … And for good reason!

The latter sowed terror in the Cleunay district, in Ille-et-Vilaine. Drunk, he threatened the customers of the Drive with a very large knife.

No, this isn’t the wacky storyline of the latest hot horror movie. It did indeed take place in the streets of the French commune.

The attacker first attacked a couple who were waiting for their order in their car. Very annoyed, he then hit the vehicle with a bottle of whiskey.

But that’s not all ! It was then the security guard and the manager of the fast food restaurant who then had to face threats from the 22-year-old.

They surely did not expect to experience such a scene when putting on their shoes this morning … Unable to be able to let off steam on the nightclub bouncers, the attacker falls back on the vigilantes of McDonald’s!


Luckily, the perpetrator did not hurt anyone. But there is still a good chance that the customers of McDonald’s retained some psychological after-effects of this scene both frightening and unusual …

Shortly after the incident, the police therefore arrested the young man in the area. But nothing seemed to be able to calm him … He then threatened, insulted and even spat at the police. Just that !

But that’s not all. He also bit one of them on the leg. Yes, you did hear… Couldn’t he just have a simple burger? You have to believe he was really hungry! Or, that he has quite peculiar tastes … Who knows?

Despite some difficulty in overpowering him, the police finally managed to take him to the police station. But he didn’t stay there very long.

Indeed, a doctor examined him and then concluded that it was best to transport him to the mental hospital. He has since been interned at the Guillaume Régnier center in Rennes.

As for the weapon, the 22-year-old got rid of it by throwing it into the river Vilaine. He still had another knife with him during the stop.

The McDonald’s in the town keeps traces of its passage.


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