McDonald’s: This product should be avoided


Many of you love to get your belly up at McDonald’s! However, some of these products should be avoided on the price side …

Going to McDonald’s sometimes means paying the price. Indeed, if a maxi best off menu is not enough, we have the unfortunate tendency to add a few products to it. However, some are definitely not worth it. For good reason: they quickly cost a lot for very little. Like this much appreciated item.

We like to give you some tips for ordering at McDonald’s. Indeed, some tips are to be followed to have a menu with little onions.

When we say goodbye, this is of course a premium service. And not an onion supplement, knowing that many of you don’t like them.

In fact, if you remove an ingredient from your sandwich, it will go to “grill order”. This way, you will have a made-to-measure sandwich even in rush hour.

Yes, made-to-order sandwiches are more likely to be hot. Either way, some put the odds in their favor to have a profitable menu.

So, on TikTok, a user sifted through the price of a popular product. Result of the races: you’d better ignore this item!

McDonald’s: this product to be avoided because it is not at all profitable!


According to this TikToker, this product is therefore among the least profitable for any fan of the McDonald’s company. So you’d better go your way.

After studying all the different offers on the menu, he comes to the conclusion that the box of 6 is not worth it at all, judging by the price of the box of 9 nuggets.

For good reason, there are only a few cents that differ, which is not much. That said, at this price, you better take the box with the most nuggets.

When it comes to fries at McDonald’s, the conclusion is no more glorious. If you thought you had it for yourself with the big fry, think again!

In general, these don’t seem to be well filled … Of course, if you find that your cone is not well stocked, you have every right to let a teammate know.

He will therefore fill it out for you a little more, you just have to ask. However, teammates tend to be light-hearted when it comes to making big fries.

According to former employees, the technique is to pinch the bottom of the tray to make it look fuller. If you want to save money, take a medium fry, it’s all the same.

Thanks to this food hack, you now know how not to be fooled when ordering. So see you soon at McDo!


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