McDonald’s: the legendary CBO about to make comeback


Good news for McDonald’s fans! The legendary CBO is back and we have the date in our possession! Over the years, CBO has become one of McDonald’s most popular burgers. And the good news is, the chicken burger is back.

After months of absence in Belgium, Chicken Bacon Onion is definitely back. Aficionados of this hamburger will be able to get it on Tuesday, February 23.

The media 7 sur 7 announces via its website that the legendary chicken burger had disappeared since May 2019. “This burger was part of a temporary offer which expired in May 2019”, specifies 7 of 7.

In Belgium, fans of the McDonald’s CBO have launched several petitions to bring the burger back to the menu. And to say the least, the fast food chain has heard their complaints.

McDonald’s therefore made the decision to put the CBO back in its standing offer. So, starting tomorrow, fans of this burger of crunchy chicken, crispy bacon, fried onions, iceberg salad and a special sauce will be back.

McDonald’s the legendary CBO is about to make a comeback!


The burger will therefore be available tomorrow at a price of 5.10 euros. It will also be available to order in the Medium McMenu at the suggested price of 7.65 euros via Drive, Take-out or McDelivery.

A few years ago, in France, fans of the sandwich had also protested for the CBO to make a comeback in French McDonald’s. For this, they had challenged the fast-food brand on Twitter.

Another product that McDonald’s fans look forward to are spicy nuggets. Last September, in the United States, McDonald’s launched this product that hit the nail on the head.

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The nuggets in question are breaded. They have a tempura coating made with peppers and a cayenne pepper sauce.

To accompany these Spicy McNuggets, a chili-based sauce. Pepper and Garlic had been specially crafted, and the fans were over the moon.

The next step for the fast-food chain is to market these nuggets in France. At the moment, this is not on the agenda …

Between February 15 and March 8, 2021, the brand offers all its customers with loyalty cards the McDonald’s 1 day 1 good deal. To take advantage of it, you just need to go to a McDonald’s.

So you can enjoy a € 1 Sundae, but that’s not all. Indeed, the Big Mac or the famous McChicken of the fast-food brand is 2 €.

This week, at McDonald’s, you will be offered a Coke tray if you buy a Signature by McDonalds menu or a Maxi Best Of menu, it would be silly to go without. Also new this year is the arrival of the MegaMac.


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