McDonald’s spinning orange drink for their fans!


According to our colleagues at CNN, McDonald’s is about to resurrect a famous orange drink in several restaurants in the United States

Faced with competition from Burger King, which continues to attract more and more customers, its rivals must find new tricks to weather the shock. McDonald’s seems to have come up with an idea by resurrecting a famous orange drink.

Before we reveal what drink it is, let’s take a look at the success of Burger King. The firm, established in France for only a few years, is gradually beginning to take the throne.

Because yes, whether you are a fan yes no, it is clear that McDonald’s remains the “boss” of fast food. But the fact that the American fast food chain is only offering a few new things can be annoying.

Indeed, unlike its competitors, Ronald’s brand rarely releases new burgers. Constantly recycling his Big Tasty, Chicken Mytic and 280. Apart from these 3 burgers, it’s rare to find new ones every month.

Granted, we’ve had a new avocado burger for the past few days. But apart from this one, we sometimes have to wait a year before discovering something new in the “M”. While Burger King stands out.

The fastfood restaurant offering a new burger to its customers almost every two weeks. Add to that a communication defying all competition, even that of McDonald’s, you get a serious rival to seize the throne.


But maybe the choice McDonald’s just made could give it some credit. On the other hand, dear French customers, you might as well warn you right away: the novelty is coming, but not in our country.

Indeed, it is only in American fast food restaurants that McDonald’s fans will smile again when they learn of the return of this drink. But what is it? First, we can tell you that this is not a soda.

CNN advising that it is the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. A non-carbonated drink replaced in 2017 by Sprite Tropic Berry after 60 years. This replacement is making customers mad with rage. This is why the latter, not admitting to being defeated, then launched a petition.

The aim of this is to bring their “orange juice” back to their restaurants. And it looks like their voices have been heard as Hi-C returns in a few days.

McDonald’s having even prepared a site for the “return” of the drink. It remains to be seen whether we will have the chance to drink it in France in the coming months. On this point, we are a little less optimistic.

Fingers crossed already to discover a few new things over the year rather than always eating the same thing … Although we have to admit that the latest avocado burger is still delicious!


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