McDonald’s service allows you to pick up orders faster


With the advancement of the new coronavirus worldwide, companies are looking for solutions to make life easier for their users to access their services. With that in mind, McDonald’s announced the “Méqui without queuing” feature, which allows the user to place an order through the app and pick up directly at the restaurant, without having to wait in line.

The function, which has started to be released gradually to all restaurants in Brazil, uses the geolocation technology of the cell phone to identify when the user is arriving at the restaurant. In this way the application releases the “start preparing” function for the restaurant, so that the order is sent to the kitchen.

After that, when the “snack” is ready, just go to the counter and withdraw the order, since your payment has also been finalized through the fast food chain application.

“McDonald’s is a brand in constant evolution, mainly in the digital environment. We are always looking for new opportunities to improve our customers’ experience, offering as much convenience as possible and implementing alternatives that adapt to people’s current and future needs ”, says João Branco, CMO of McDonald’s in Brazil.

McDonald’s intention to release this new feature in its app is to encourage digital payments for orders, while also speeding up the delivery of products to users, without the need for much contact between employees and the customer.

Skip the line via Waze

In addition to the facility proposed by the service, Méqui without queue will also be integrated with Waze – a map service competing with Google Maps. In this way, the user can use the navigation application to select the nearest restaurant and, after that, click on the “order now” icon to be directed to Méqui without a queue.

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“Ask Now offers customers personalized content and relevant experiences. The partnership with McDonald’s resignifies the driver experience, as it brings brands closer to consumers in a more fluid experience within the platform. Advertising on Waze aims to promote companies in a utilitarian and safe way for the driver ”, says Leandro Esposito, Country Manager of Waze in Brazil.

The integration between the service and Waze started to take place this month, while Méqui sem Queas is now available for 264 restaurants across the country.

It is worth remembering that, in June, Burger King – McDonald’s main competitor – launched a promotion to reward users who stay at home during the pandemic.


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