McDonald’s: “secret menu” truth revealed!


For years, there have been rumors of the existence of a secret menu at McDonald’s. The truth on the subject has just come out!

This is a rumor that has been going around the internet for years! Secret menus are said to exist for customers at McDonald’s. But is this an urban legend or a reality?

According to legend, these famous secret menus are McDonald’s products invisible on the menu but which can be requested from the employees of the fast food restaurant. As long as you are aware of this well-kept secret!

Thus, one of the most famous secret burgers would be the “Land, Sea and Air Burger”. A sandwich that contains two minced steaks, a piece of chicken and a piece of breaded fish. All in one bun!

There are also many other secret recipes! The “” site, which specializes in McDonald’s secret menus, is also a reference for all of the brand’s burgers and other hidden desserts. We find the “MegaMac” or the “BigMac’n’Cheese”!

In 2015, a McDonald’s manager confirmed the existence of all these treasures. “You can order these secret menus,” he explained in substance. Enough to create a buzz on the Web!

This employee nevertheless specified that the “compositions of these burgers were not officially invented by anyone at McDonald’s.” But then, by whom? Fans of the brand?

Yet, according to another employee of the American chain, this whole story could only be a vast hoax.

McDonald’s: the truth about the famous “secret menu” finally revealed!


Indeed, a former McDonald’s employee just broke the myth. On the Quora website, this young man who worked for fast food between 2015 and 2019 claimed that these secret menus did not exist. Pity !

“Because of social media, I have customers asking me for wacky products like the Mega Mac or the Land, Air and Sea Burger. It’s not on the menu and we’ve never been trained to prepare these orders, ”he confirmed.

The former employee, on the other hand, specifies that customers can ask to add or remove ingredients. Just as nothing prevents customers from buying several burgers and making their own customizations!

“So sometimes I ask customers what their idea is and what ingredients they would like to add,” he continues. As in almost all restaurants then!

So it seems that these famous secret menus were born from the great imagination of McDonald’s fans. And that they would have subsequently become a sacred urban legend!

In the end, McDonald’s hides many surprises in its menus. But these are just the toys on the Happy Meal menu!

That said, this whole story could well give McDonald’s recipe ideas. Indeed, the American giant from time to time offers new burgers to its customers.

And each country has its own recipe! For example, Japan had its “Mega Terikayi Burger” and France its “McBaguette”. Fans remember it!


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