McDonald’s: Reveals The Secret To Getting A Great Mac!


The big Big Mac hasn’t really won over McDonald’s fans. A TikToker will show you how to get a bigger one! This burger may leave you speechless, in short. Indeed, a TikTok ace has just shown a secret item from the famous McDonald’s restaurant chain. This is a Big Mac that has nothing to envy to the one we know so well. For good reason, it is 2 x bigger!

Internet users have lots of tips when it comes to eating more! So a TikToker recently showed how to trick everyone at McDonald’s.

This videographer managed to get a product that is not on the menu a priori … It reminds us of a recent story.

Indeed, earlier, we presented you a must-have McDonald’s that no one knows. It was a chocolate cake with a huge white ganache.

This dessert wasn’t on the menu either. For lovers of savory foods and especially well-supplied burgers, this is a great tip for eating more.

User TikTok by the name of The Glass Sniper has ordered a rare item that has nothing to envy the Big Mac or even the Big Big Mac from McDonald’s. So here is what he received afterwards …


So the young man ordered what he calls a “Monster Mac”, a secret item on the McDonald’s menu. Just looking at the photo, this burger feels like it sticks to the body, more than a classic sandwich.

What we can say is that this dish has left Internet users speechless. Especially fat and junk food lovers who would like to hold a monster of this stature.

The video of this young lover of junk food has in any case reached 8.5 million views. Proof that Internet users have their teeth at all hours, after all!

At the beginning of the video, we see him at McDrive, ordering a “Monster Mac”. Not unhappy, he begins to open his bag once at home.

“They tried to put this thing in a Big Mac box, but it just doesn’t fit,” he says as he unwraps his wonder live. It must be said that his Mac “Pisa” looks like he is going to fall apart at any moment.

He also reveals that it is “more full of cheese than the other” but that the top bun is “always the toughest”. Before the first bite, he therefore warns us that we will have to start from the top!

Finally, the videographer ends up giving it ours of 8 out of 10, concluding by saying that he “does


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