McDonald’s releases a weird burger who doesn’t want it!

McDonald’s has just released a very special, limited edition burger. But don’t panic, it’s not in France for the moment!

McDonald’s decided to expand their menu by offering a very strange new burger.

For example, McDonald’s has just announced the sale of a brand new hamburger in its Chinese restaurants. Yeh!

A netizen, by the name of Daniel Ahmad, shared the news in a tweet. The latter took the opportunity to do some humor: “Look, I saw this so you must see it too. Sorry, that’s how it works, ”he wrote on social media to the Blue Bird.

The recipe therefore does not seem to be unanimous among Internet users, who will not be in a hurry to test it as soon as it is released on Monday, December 21. The comments say a lot about their disgust: “Who’s going to eat this ??”, “It’s disgusting”, or “Mix chocolate and meat? It’s just doomed to fail. ”

Indeed, McDonald’s dares to offer a recipe that mixes sweet and savory in limited edition! There will only be 400,000 sandwiches.


This brand new McDonald’s burger is sure to confuse customers! Indeed, its composition is far from making your mouth water. Thus, the sandwich consists of two slices of spam, that is, precooked spicy ham preserved in a box (which has an elastic texture). And chocolate Oreo cookies filled with vanilla cream.

One thing is certain, McDonald’s has the merit of offering … innovative recipes! But don’t panic, this burger is unlikely to arrive in France!

The French can always be satisfied with the McBaguette for example. The latter is much tastier than this new McDonald’s sandwich!

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In addition to that, it pays homage to French gastronomy since it is composed of two slices of baguette, two slices of Emmental, two minced beef steaks and mustard. We love !

And you, would you like such a McDonald’s burger to arrive in France?



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