McDonald’s Pokémon letters create ‘black market’


McDonalds’s started a new promotion with Happy Meal at select restaurants in the United States, bringing as a gift some cards that can be used in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, including some holographic ones on that list. It was not long before some people realized the good opportunity they had in their hands and started to make a real stock of the item.

According to information that is running the network, 50 cards were produced, and to have the chance to build up their resale stock some people were waking up early to buy large quantities of the package with the snack. The amazing thing is that in some situations the food was even being thrown in the trash, simply so that the person could take the prints home and sell later at prices that can reach US $ 1,000 for all of them (more than R $ 5 ,3 thousand).

On the network, it is possible to find people reporting the sale of even closed boxes that did not even reach stores, leading many people to imagine that the employees themselves are “handing” items to sell them on eBay later.

To get around the situation, the restaurant chain has limited the number of Happy Meals that a customer can buy, but apparently the mess is already made – and proving to be quite profitable for some.


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