McDonald’s opts for a new minimalist packaging!


McDonald’s has partnered with a design agency to rethink all of its packaging. Discover their new packaging!

McDonald’s reputation is well established. With its logo, packaging and iconic products, the fast food brand is identifiable by everyone around the globe. And yet, there will be change …

Indeed, McDonald’s has decided to do a little rejuvenation of its brand. Thus, the American giant has just unveiled new packaging for its products. A new, more refined design, more minimalist but also more colorful!

From Big Macs to Royal Cheese, including fries and McMuffins, all McDonald’s products are entitled to a new, more modern and more visual packaging. And this, everywhere in the world.

To represent its products, McDonald’s chose graphics based on vector illustrations. That is, images made up of simple shapes, like lines and curves.

For the Filet-O-Fish for example, the packaging represents the sea with two images of blue waves. Enough to highlight the famous McDonald’s fish burger.

In the same way, the box of the Big Mac represents the successive layers of the famous burger thanks to lines of different sizes. The bread, the cheese, the steak, everything is there!

But why McDonald’s decided to change its packaging?


To redo its packaging, McDonald’s called on the Pearlfisher design agency. Their idea was to make “McDonald’s” packaging more fun!

Indeed, Pearlfisher Creative Director Matt Sia explained that “there is beauty in the simplicity of iconic McDonald’s menu items. We wanted to find each other’s most special, recognizable and iconic expression – trying to make people smile. ”

Pearlfisher has also sought to highlight the “star” elements of each McDonald’s product. For example, the egg yolk of the McMuffin and the cheese slice of the cheeseburger are pictured on their packaging. And it makes you hungry!

Ditto for the fries. The packaging retains the brand’s iconic red and yellow colors. But now there are representations of French fries inside the packaging. Smart!

For its part, the McDonald’s brand said it was very happy with this collaboration. “Pearlfisher has been instrumental in ensuring that this overhaul modernizes our brand, highlights the uniqueness of our menu and lives up to our commitment to quality,” summed up Barbara Yehling, director of global menu strategy at McDonald’s. Just that !

Now there is one question. When will its new packaging be launched? When can we see them on our set at McDonald’s? So far, the brand has not said anything about it. But it will not be long !