McDonald’s new service offers coupons via WhatsApp


After launching the Méqui without Queue service, in which the customer can place a direct order through the restaurant’s app before arriving at the place and withdraw directly at the counter, without the need to face lines, McDonald’s has just launched yet another convenience for customers fans of the fast food franchise in Brazil: Méqui Zap.

With it, restaurant customers will be able to “save contact” from Méqui on WhatsApp and have a faster and simpler way to place orders.

In addition, Méqui Zap offers exclusive coupons directly through the courier, which can be used both to purchase orders at the counter, as well as for Drive Thru or McDonald’s totems. After requesting a “discount” on WhatsApp, the user receives a QR Code on the screen to validate the order.

McDonald’s CMO in Brazil, João Branco, comments that Méqui Zap is another of the company’s novelties to make life easier for its customers when placing an order:

We take advantage of the most diverse digital channels in order to constantly improve the experience of our consumer and narrow our proximity to him, so we opted for a technology that is present in the daily lives of almost everyone. And to offer a good reason for users to have us on their contact list, we created exclusive promotions for the platform
Méqui Zap also offers a shortcut for the user to download the full menu or to contact the company’s SAC. Through the conversation on WhatsApp it is still possible to check which is the nearest unit or receive a redirect to the Méqui app.

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To start chatting with Méqui Zap, just click on this link or add the number 11 3230-3223 to the agenda. After that, just send a “hi” to start the interaction.


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