McDonald’s: Mystery of “buttons” exposed!


McDonald’s fans noticed that there were “buttons” on the lids of the drinks. We explain everything about it.

McDonald’s continues to attract fast food fans and the brand is very successful. For years, we can see “buttons” on the lids of drinks and we finally know what they are for!

McDonald’s finally lifts the veil on the mystery of “buttons”. The brand arrived in France for the first time in 1972 and is still very successful. McDo is surely one of the best-known fast food restaurants in the country and knows how to go about attracting customers.

Customers can find many menus, whether with several steaks for the most greedy or even with chicken. So there is something for everyone and everyone can find what they are looking for. In addition, in order to keep up with the times and meet people’s expectations, the channel wants to be more respectful.

For several years, McDonald’s has brought in some organic products that are mainly found in Happy Meals. Then, the brand tried to introduce vegetarian meals to cater to a larger clientele. So, anything is good to attract as many people as possible and it seems to be working.

Yet fast food fans often have a question when they drink their drink. Indeed, on the plastic cover, we can discover small “buttons” and their presence remains a big mystery. However, we finally know what it’s really for and it’s not to look pretty!


McDonald’s customers receive their drinks in cups with often plastic lids. Thus, the latter can see small “buttons” on it and it seems to intrigue them. Besides, who has never pressed these buttons to understand what they are for? A loyal supporter of the brand finally unraveled the mystery.

After surely trying several times to press these buttons, to understand its origins, a fast food devotee asked a few questions on Reddit. “I just ordered 2 drinks, a diet coke and a classic coke and on one of them I hit the number 1 button,” he said. To him, the number 1 seems to mean nothing, but an employee did not hesitate to answer him.

One of the McDonald’s employees explained to him that these buttons are primarily for the servers. This allows them to distinguish between drinks and not to make mistakes when taking orders. “I think most stores are 1 for light and 2 for zero,” he said of Coke.

These buttons are therefore very useful when a customer orders a Diet Coke or a Zero Coke. The employees press the buttons to clearly differentiate the drinks and not to mix the brushes. So it’s mostly a good technical memo for them, even if the buttons can change from store to store.


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