McDonald’s makes very happy with their cheap burgers!


McDonald’s are up to some surprises. Thus, until March 8, fans will be able to enjoy inexpensive burgers. Something to delight a lot of customers.

McDonald’s never cease to amaze its customers. And for good reason, this month they will be able to eat cheap burgers.

The fast food chain tries to appeal to everyone. So McDonald’s is trying to renew itself. Something to delight all its customers then.

It is true that the goal of this great chain is to allow fast food enthusiasts to come as they are. McDonald’s therefore continues to adapt to the desires of its consumers.

Moreover, the flagship restaurant then thinks of offering a vegetarian burger. It must be said that many consumers are turning to a diet without meat. This project has already seen the light of day in different countries.

Vegetarians and fast food enthusiasts therefore hope to see this new burger land in France. Not surprising !

In the meantime, McDonald’s is trying to please its fans. And for good reason, during this context of health crisis, what could be more comforting than a good burger? And that the fast food chain got it right.

Thus, until March 8, McDonald’s customers will be able to eat burgers at reduced prices.

McDonald’s is making its fans super happy with its inexpensive burgers!


The McDonald’s chain therefore wants to please its customers. From February 15, customers will then be able to buy menus and burgers at low prices. Not bad !

Thus, the campaign “The good plan of the day” is launched. This news makes fast food fans very happy. In addition, these promotions will last until March 8. Enough to crack a lot of consumers therefore.

Moreover, during this period some sandwiches will make a big comeback. So it’s really a party at McDonald’s.

On Tuesday February 16, the Mega Mac with four hamburgers then landed on the menu again. All fans of this burger were therefore delighted.

For the first day of this great campaign, the famous Big Mac then cost 2 euros. So nice !

So, on Twitter McDonald’s fans have expressed their great joy. They then declare: “The Big Mac is at 2 euros today and every day until March 8, a new good plan” or “A Big Mac at 2 euros? The next weekend, I rob the mcdo of Bordeaux. ”

Operation “Someday, a good plan” is actually the third. And fast food fans have always loved this period.

In fact, McDonald’s offers a calendar of all these promotions. For example, on February 18, the Cheeseburger will be only 1 euro. So, every day a new good plan.

Plus, Big Mac sauce will make a comeback. To the delight of all gourmets therefore.

No more reason to go without a good burger. All fast food fans should therefore meet at McDonald’s. To be continued.


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