McDonald’s makes hot sauce ice cream!


It’s hot, it’s burning … McDonald’s will spoil the place! Indeed, the king of fast food is about to release a tasty sundae with hot sauce.

Once again, McDonald’s is going the extra mile. To feast your taste buds, he offers a brand new dessert. A sundae with a rather unusual topping.

You thought you had tasted all the flavors of ice cream at McDonald’s? It might be time to reconsider your position after all.

Yes, the fast food giant has decided to reinvent itself. For this, he chooses to bet on an iconic dessert.

The sundae, McDonald’s signature ice cream, offers a breath of fresh air. Finally, a bit of heat, rather, with a very special sauce.

In short, the brand does not go with the back of a spoon, offering you an all-fire frozen dessert! Yep, Hypebeast just teased us the arrival of hot sauce ice cream!

So McDonald’s will soak its signature dessert with a good dose of hot oil. Enough to make the most purists of you scream.


For now, do not expect to find this wonder in your restaurants in France. Indeed, it is a Chinese exclusion, especially in the Sichuan region.

Chinese food lovers know that Sichuan is famous for its spicy food. No wonder they want to include a spicy iteration of the sundae.

As much to tell you that outside the continent, the dessert is not unanimous. Some people wonder why the hell did McDonald’s want to do this sacrilege …

A Chinese internet user even tweeted that she “hates it” … which shows that it is better to be wary of appearances.

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Other curious children will not hesitate to taste such a flavor. Either way, this fiery and icy dessert looks pretty visually appealing.

It remains to be seen whether this dessert will win over everyone or if it will quickly disappear from the menu, like all the plethora of the brand’s products that have suddenly disappeared. Never mind !

Especially since McDonald’s does not skimp on innovations. Let’s be honest, a lot of them flop as soon as they arrive!

Like the famous ham-Oreo burger, which hasn’t quite had its effect. A rather “WTF” burger as we like to say in short.

However, we are still waiting with a firm footing for the McPlant which will satisfy vegans as well as all those who want to reduce their meat consumption. Especially if it’s based on Beyond Meat!

When it comes to desserts, there are some really unusual things around the world. Like the Marshmallow McFlurry sold exclusively in Oceania!

In Asia, the Taro Pie has its little success, much more than the new spicy sauce sundae. What we dream about in the editorial department is the return of Apple Pie, the crispy apple turnover from McDonald’s!


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